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Refund Policy


The customer reserves the right to cancel the service or package within 10 days after the purchase date (“Accepted Cancellation date”), if a medical condition they possess proves to be a contraindication to the treatment, and the patient has not started the treatment. Canada MedLaser reserves the right to request a doctor’s note. Canada MedLaser has the right to decline the package cancellation request if a doctor’s note cannot be provided

In the event that a customer chooses to cancel their treatment package after completing any number of sessions, for refund calculations, the value of sessions used will be according to the original price featured on Canada MedLaser Clinics’ shop/price list, before any promotional value. The full price of sessions used will be deducted from the paid amount by the customer. For any cancellations, the customer will be charged $250+tax. No refund will be executed if the cancellation request was submitted after the “Accepted Cancellation Date”. Purchased packages may be transferred to a more suited candidate for the treatment if a medical condition is preventing the client from continuing their services with Canada MedLaser. If the customer chose to pay for their treatment package through a third-party financial institution, an additional fee of 12% of the total package value will be applied to the cancellation fee. Any false statements/advertisements or posts on Social Media or other media outlets which involve Canada MedLaser or businesses associated with Canada MedLaser may result in repercussions.

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